Wireless Integrated

Monitor Energy usage

For Improved Energy Management

Measure, monitor and manage your energy with a user-friendly, web based portal that will help to reduce your utility costs and carbon footprint.

WiEnergy is an Energy Management System that will reduce the cost of energy to a customer by optimizing the methods used to control both processes and equipment to utilize energy more economically and efficiently.

WiEnergy is a customized solution that can range from a simple Remote Monitoring System to a completely engineered Automated Control System.


Remote Metering


Data Logging

Power Quality

PF Management

Demand Management


Cost Allocation

Power Bill Generator

Tariff Management

Branch management

Control & Automation

Occupancy Sensors

Remote on/off

Auto Source Transfer

WiEnergy Control Panel

  • Advance integration of Electrical, Electronics & Computer technologies
  • Wireless GPRS/3G communication
  • 24Ă—7 Cloud Server Data logging
  • Captures over 100 electrical measurements
  • Modular solution
  • Identification & Security features

Most advance Power Analyzer & Monitoring System

Energy Management Survey & Audit

  • Survey & Consultation on the energy management system requirements of the facility.
  • Detailed Energy Audit of equipment & bills.

Project Management

  • Develop & Implement an Action plan based on Audit findings
  • Followup, Train & Liaison with your staff, accounts & electricity company
  • Plan & deploy Hardware & Software


  • WiEnergy Web based EMS platform Alarms & Alerts system
  • Ongoing remote monitoring & assistance reports, charts, projections

System Hardware

  • WiEnergy Control Panels
  • Sensors, Meters
  • Communication devices

Easy to understand Energy Management Software

Power Quality Harmonics Voltage Daily Chart

Current Daily Chart and Report

kWh - PF Daily Chart

Temperature kWh Chart