Solid Waste Collection and Monitoring System

Solid Waste Collection and Monitoring System

Municipal Corporation aims to Enhance operational capability, citizen’s satisfaction, reliability and on time- availability of its services offered through various departments like Solid Waste Engineering services and scheduling services etc. As waste management operations all over the world attempt to become cleaner and greener, Pune Municipal Corporation is leading the way with complete end-to-end automation and monitoring of waste collection and management.

PMC is using cutting edge technologies like GPS, GSM, RFID, M2M, IOT Sensors along with innovative Mobile and web application to improve and smoothen ground-level mechanisms for waste collection and efficient processing and re-cycling of waste.

The purpose of this technology is to provide guidelines for development, implementation, operation & maintenance and monitoring of Solid waste Collection System for Pune Municipal Corporation to be implemented within Pune City.


PMC envisages implementing Solid Waste Collection and Monitoring System as a city wide integrated platform for its diverse set of waste collection needs which include operations of public transportation, management of vehicles operating for other civic services like solid waste, engineering and emergency services. The aim of implementing this system is to bring in best-in-class operational efficiency and automation to its operations capability to ensure services are delivered on consistent basis and in a manner that meets obejctives of PMC.

Scope Of Work:

To install the vehicle tracking system and fuel sensors on PMC Vehicle Depo JCB, Road Sweeper, Waste collection vehicle(Ghanta Gadi, BRC, Truck, and Compactor) and to provide a Web and GPS based VTMS (Vehicle Tracking & Management System) using state of the art information system for locating, monitoring and managing the Vehicle Depot Fleets Under PMC with a view to improve their route and output monitoring, improving fuel efficiency and ensure that the waste vehicles done their daily trip on time for collection waste/garbage’s from assigned area.

The requirement of Vehicle depot was major focus on to track the vehicle movement with following details below:

  • Provide real time tracking of vehicles.

  • Control room for monitoring (limited)

  • Alert – over speed, excess stoppage time, excess fuel withdrawn

  • Fuel consumption report (for select vehicles with fuel sensor)

  • Fleet Daily & summary Report

  • Idle Time /Journey Idling Report

  • Start time & End time, Total working hours, Distance traveled

  • Stoppage & Speed Violation

  • Trip Report

  • History play back/ Route replay Maps

Benefits of Projects: Solid Waste Collection and Monitoring System:

  • To manage routes and vehicles dynamically through an automated system.

  • Monitoring of the vehicle in real time to improve per vehicle productivity & reduce non-compliance

  • Usage and route planning optimization of garbage trucks

  • Rapid management of vehicle breakdown and maintenance

  • Centralized command control center for waste collection and transportation

  • Efficient monitoring and management of waste bins Verification of collection service

  • Availability of MIS for effective planning of resources, schedule & unforeseen events

Solid Waste Collection and Monitoring System shall comprise of following distinct application areas :

  • GPS Vehicle Tracking System

  • Hotel Garbage Collection Automation

  • Weight Automation at transfer stations

  • Attendance System for field staff and SWaCH Workers

  • RFID Tags for Bins with Readers on Vehicle

  • Smart Sensor based Bins Management