GPS Tracking of Heavy Equipments

Heavy construction equipments like Tower Cranes ,Bulldozers, graders or dump trucks are a big investment for any company. Monitoring your heavy equipments to protect against misuse can keep your workers honest, your costs accurate, and extend the life of your equipments.

Uses for GPS Tracking Heavy Equipment include:

  • Know where all your equipment is at any time, no matter how remote the location.

  • Report on start and stop times for accurate billing or bidding on new work.

  • Accurately track equipment usage with engine on/off and other mechanical systems monitoring such as PTO or crane operation.

  • Keeping clients informed on equipment activity and start/stop times.

Some Benefits of the Tracking System:

  • Staff hours spent locating equipment.

  • Track billable hours in use.

  • Know hours of employee equipment operation.

  • Pinpoint exactly when someone turns the equipment ignition or or off.

  • Improve job site routing of equipment .

  • Improve accountability of equipment operator.

  • Improve productivity of employees.

  • Control fuel costs due to excess idling.