Start GPS Tracking Services Business

Start GPS Tracking Service Business

Start your own profitable GPS Tracking Service Business

Partner with and start GPS Tracking Services in your city. With small investment you can create a valuable & profitable GPS tracking business.


– GPS is the hottest technology today

– Nokia, Apple, Samsung .. all mobile providers are launching new product with GPS capabilities

– Microsoft, Yahoo, Google .. are making good quality maps available online

– GPS awareness is rapidly increasing

– Most of these big companies are involved in promoting GPS navigation products and applications but it is immensely helping GPS Tracking industry which is limited to Small businesses

Hence you can make use of this opportunity to start GPS Tracking Services Business in your city.

What we offer ?

-We give you a ready to use Private Label (Branding) GPS Tracking Services Portal with Fleet Management Software customized for your city

-We offer wide range of GPS products that you can select for your customers

-We offer 24hrs Telephonic, Chat & email support

What you need to do ?

– Partner with us

– Make a contract with local GSM Telecom company to buy GSM SIM cards with Data packages (GPRS) at low cost

– Market & Support your customers

If you are interested send email to to get detailed proposal.

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