Patient Tracking

The patients with any psychological disorder or any sort of mental illness can wander away from their home or from the allocated bed in the hospitals that can be a cause of worry and stress for the caretakers and family members and their wandering can also increase the chances of any mishap that can create further problems for the hospitals. The hospital administration can face the allegation of carelessness and a lawsuit can be filed against them in case of any misfortune with the patient.

For solving these problems, the caretakers of the patients or the kin or the hospitals can use GPSintegrated Patient Tracking System at very affordable prices. The GPS Patient Tracking System enables the caretakers of the patients to continue vigil the patients. The hospitals or the kin of the patients get the continuous report of the patients about their positions and their conditions with the help of our mobile gps tracker.

Our Mobile app is completely self-contained and features an emergency SOS button that quickly connects users to the Emergency Care Center, where rescue specialists can see medical information and track the user continuously. It also features two-way voice communication between the patients and the rescue specialists.

GPSintegrated Patient Tracking System is most affordable and convenient system for the patients and their caretakers in order to wellness of the patients.