Child Tracking

Want to know where your child is right now? You can… it’s easy! You can watch the movement of your child anytime, anywhere, from your Smartphone or from GPSintegrated tracking portal. GPSintegrated a world leader in child tracking and family safety, has developed the ultimate child safety mobile tracker sothat you can always know exactly where your child is.

If your child needs help they are only a button away. With the use of our tracking portal, you can set zones around your home, school, or anywhere you like and receive alerts when they enter or exit a zone. You can also check the history of the child to see where it’s been.

Salient features of GPSintegraed child tracker:

  • Be notified immediately if your child needs help. If your child is in a dangerous or threatening situation, or has a medical emergency, he/she can press the SOS button.

  • Simply call the device/mobile app to listen in to the surroundings of your child and be assured that they are okay.

  • By pressing the voice button, your child can call you so that you can listen in.

  • Receive email and/or text Alerts in an event of if an Alert is triggered.

  • Customize a Zone or virtual boundary around home, school, soccer practice or anywhere you choose. Receive an Alert when your child enters or exits these Zones.

  • SOS Alert can be sent to individuals of your choosing via text and/or email.

  • Set a maximum speed threshold and be alerted via email and/or text if your child is in a vehicle that is exceeding your speed threshold.

  • This is a great way to know if your child is ever in a vehicle that is moving too fast.