BioEnable offers the highest technology of GPS tracking. The Fleet Tracking System offers full traceability and detailed real-time both of its fleet of vehicles, cars, motorcycles, ships, trucks as well as goods, containers, construction, machinery and even personal property tracking. You can track and monitor live or view over 12 months of historical with the online software easy to use database. BioEnable provides comprehensive asset management solutions for applications in 10 languages and is present in over 16 countries worldwide. The system offers a number of benefits for both the company and the driver of the vehicle, it ensures greater oversight in the transport service providing the possibility of monitoring the activities carried out in real time, thus ensuring greater efficiency in freight transportation, as well as prevent problems such as route deviation occur.

Cloud based GPS Tracking platform used in over 25 countries for real-time tracking of Vehicles, Trucks, Heavy equipment, Containers, People, Cars, Fleet & Assets using GPS trackers & Mobile Apps. We are your one stop partner for GPS tracking business.


  • Education in fuel.

  • Improves productivity.

  • Reduced administrative costs.

  • Become a greener fleet.

  • Increases the life of your fleet.

  • More safety for the driver.

  • Improves your customer service.

  • Custom Reports.


  • Full reports in excel and pdf – Export and store your reports in Excel or PDF.

  • Friendly system for easy use -No need to be a computer expert to use the system. Unlimited use of the system.

  • 24 hours monitoring – We have a central monitoring function 24H to help you in an emergency.

  • Odometer – Records the distance traveled by your truck in a given period.

  • Electronic Fence– Delimits areas sending alerts when entering or exiting the vehicle. Fences polygon, line and point may be included.

  • Panic Button – Silent alarm that triggers anti-hijacking and central starts monitoring and take action.

  • Remote lock – You block your truck through request to our customer service.

  • Speed alert– Sets the maximum speed that the vehicle can travel.

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