GPS-Integrated is a Web & Mobile based GPS Tracking Platform . It allow you to offer GPS Tracking, Emergency Assistance & Fleet management services in your city. Your customers can track mobile vehicles,  assets, people and even animals.

Our software focus on details while keeping everything simple

Our web based software include Dashboards, Real Time tracking, Worldwide street Maps, Professional Reports, Alerts and integration with Mobile Phones, Desktop and web services.

We support wide range of mobile devices on our platform

We support wide range of GPS tracking devices for Car, Truck along with Personal trackers for kids, Mobile phones, PDA and compact asset tracking sensor. Our vehicle tracking devices offer advanced features like driver identification, fuel sensors, RFID and data capture. 


GPS Integrated is based on GPS (Global Position System), GSM (Global System of Mobile) & Web Technologies. This service require you to purchase a GPS Tracking device, a Mobile SIM card and Web/Mobile based service subscription. 

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Check how our solution help in fuel management, theft protection, incident notification, trip & job management and 24×7 real time tracking & support for fleet management.

About GPS Integrated 

GPS Integrated provides high quality GPS Tracking Products, GPS Tracking Services to customers and businesses across the world. We offer a variety of tracking systems that are ideal for personal  traking, Child Tracking, Elderly Tracking or business use like Vehicle Tracking , Fleet Management, Truck Tracking.

Our Web & Mobile based GPS fleet management & tracking systems can increase the profitability of your company. A GPS unit can allow you to locate people if lost or in case of emergency using our GPS devices. Our vehicle gps, car gps unit, auto gps, gps locator, gps car tracker, gps auto tracker, vehicle tracker will allow you to monitor your vehicles.

We also offer a variety of gps phone, cell phone gps, gps navigator, gps receiver, gps system, mobile gps, handheld gps, gps accessories, gps tracking device, phone tracking, pocket pc gps , gps device, gps tracking cell, pda gps software which is very user friendly and convenient call phone gps tracking.

The various services we offer are vehicle tracking, gps navigation, GPS asset tracking, cell phone tracking , mobile tracking, gps pet tracking, fleet gps tracking, gps tracking devices, gps mapping software, gps tracking systems, personal tracking, truck gps, gps software, gps phone tracking.