Vehicle GPS Tracker

Vehicle GPS Tracker – VGT1 is light terminal with GPS and GSM connectivity, which is able to get device coordinates and other data and transfer them via GSM network.


Personal Car and Van Tracking

Fleet Management

Road Assistance


Real Time Tracking

Sending acquired data via GPRS

Advanced overspeeding detection

Vehicle GPS Tracker-VGT2 can store up to 15000 records, and once the connection is established the device will send stored data via GPRS. So you will not lose your data (coordinates, sensors data and etc.)


GSM (  Dual-band 900/1800 MHz,  GPRS class 10 up to 85,6 kbps, SMS text/data )

GPS ( More then 49 channel GPS receiver, NMEA, GGA, GGL, GSA, GSV, RMC, WGS-84 protocol compatible, Sensitivity not less then -160dBm, Accuracy < 3 m CEP )

Package Content

Power cable

USB cable for device confugration

GPS Antenna