E-Mail Settings

2) E-Mail Setting

1] E-Mail









Application can send the emails containing the .kml file which can be opened on the google Earth directly to see the Device track. To use this feature, one needs to configure the MAILBOX of the default messaging option of phone. To see, how to do,visit http://gpstracking.gpsintegrated.com/Products/MobilephoneSmartphoneTracking/GPSCellphoneTrackingManual/ConfigureEmail.aspx

If Enable, we have to set Valid Email ID then application will send emails. Otherwise Disable Send Email.

2] E-Mail ID (Receiver)

If Email setting is Enable, it will send mails to this Email address.









If Email ID not Set OR Invalid mail ID set the following message will pop-up respectively.

3] Sending Frequency

If Email sending is Enable, it will send the email after every time interval mentioned here.









4] Logging Frequency

With this parameter, we can select after How much minute, One log can be inserted in to the logging file









5] Send  On Valid Only

If Send  On Valid Only is True, then Email will be sent if it has valid data to be send else it will not send email.

If Send  On Valid Only is False, then Email will be sent every sending interval. If application do not have any valid data to be sent then it will sent email with message “No Valid Lat/ Long” received.









6] Max Logs Email

No of Logs to send in Email (min 1 to max 20)

No of Logs to send in one  Email









It will define, last how many logs between the two Emails you would like to receive.

7] Avoid Repeat Logs

If the devices on same location for long time, then to avoid send repeat logs (through Email) these settings set to YES.