Guard Tour System

Reliability of steel

The most advanced, reliable, and resistant guard tour recording system of its class. Made of stainless steel.

Standard solution

Simple and straightforward guard tour solution. Manage your guard tour data on site. Easily upgrade to online solution.

The simplicity you need

Fast and easy DIY installation. No keys to operate and predefined reports make the Guard Tour Solution very easy to use.

Advanced feature

Local and remote access to your guard tour data. Failed guard tour round notification emails. Data web viewer.

Professional Software

Manage an unlimited number of guard tour sites. Network, local, and remote access capability.

Online guard tour solution

Monitor your guards from virtually anywhere. Wireless remote access.


Guard Reader is anti-vandal, anti-spamming, very easy to handle and low or negligible maintenance recognizes approved proximity tags automatically without any delay. The Guard Reader is waterproof and having IP67 certified. Guard Reader requires low power consumption of the electronic Circuit. It requires 3 AAA commercial alkaline or ER 18505 batteries to power up.

How does GTS works?


The i-button tags can be placed in the designated areas, a sequence must be determined. Each sequence represents a route that the Guard has to follows with carrying the guard reader & wallet (Containing event tags assigned with events like Parking Lights ON, Parking Lights OFF etc. ) Upon reaching the tag, the security guard connects dock of the guard reader to the i-button tags. The Guard reader produces a vibrating sound with blue LED glowing to indicate that the data was read properly. Thereafter guard has to mark it’s status by connecting the dock of the guard reader to the event tag (event tag is present in wallet e.g. guard reader connects to the tag having pre-defined event “Parking Lights ON” )

The i-button tags information and time are immediately saved to the Guard reader unit. After collecting location IDs and specific status events data by placing their guard readers on location tags or event/incident wallets , the saved data from the guard reader can be transferred to the Web based management system by placing the guard reader in the docking base and then activating the data download and upload buttons from Downloader-G /Local downloader device

Professional Software

Flow Report

Event Report


  • Web based software can be accessed anywhere using internet browsers
  • Guard patrolling sites, Each patrolling site can have multiple Locations, event book, tour routes, tour scheduling.
  • Manage and view reports from the Data logged during the patrolling
  • Generate alarms from exceptions


  • Easy To Install
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Easy Integration with Third Party Applications
  • Ideal for Small/Medium/Large scale organizations


  • Tour reports
  • Exception reports
  • Incident reports
  • Reader download reports
  • System hardware list report
  • Patrol schedule report
  • Database report

Other features & Reader Control

  • Permission matrix for users
  • Multiple users and sites
  • Multiple readers
  • Multiple tours with times and defined schedules
  • Manage reader settings
  • Set reader Date and Time
  • Clear Reader’s Memory

Why GTS ?

  • Data Collection – It collects data from guard during patrolling
  • Report Management – It generates multiple reports, which can be useful for performance assessment
  • Improves Efficiency – One can check guard’s performance so it will help in improving work efficiency
  • Multiple Locations – Multiple locations can be monitored
  • Security – It provides high level security to the susceptible areas

System Components

Guard Reader
Local Downloader
i-button Wallet
GTS Software CD
i-buttons tags