VTS Normal User

The Dashboard is the very first screen seen by the Normal user after successful login. The features available to the user from the Dashboard depend on his or her security resource assignments

Dashboard gives you and general description and activity of vehicle. Complete identification like Vehicle Name, Device ID, GSM number of device, Max Speed of vehicle,Avg Speed Of vehicle  distance and time taken, stationary hours of vehicle and average speed of vehicle for that day. Last known location and the time when it was there was also shown for each vehicle.

Vehcile tracking can be seen using following links on Dashboard:

GMap:No Of Days links For GMap

VEMap: No Of Days links For VEMap

Click on GMap or VEMap and will respectively open new window

and can see the track in terms of balloons in GMap and Pin point in Virtual Earth Maps.

Google Earth(Live Tracking,BETA links) :

Google Earth – Desktop Based Tracking

 Fast : Google Earth as well a GPSintegrated save Maps & Tracking

data in Local folder and give you Fast & Spectacular experience. You

can access your old tracking data and Maps even if you are not

connected to the internet.

Real-Time Tracking : Our Real Time tracking that can track your

vehicle more then once in a minute work only with Google Earth

To start Google Earth Tracking – For the First Time login to the GPSintegrated.com & Click on the File below to connect Start Google Earth with your Web Account

Click on Live tracking, window will pop up,save the file and open with Google earth same can be repeated with BETA to get last

updated status of vehicle on Google Earth.

Follownig links also useful to match your  exact requirement , the links will take u on Google Earth and show the described data.

Today – Detailed to view Live tracking of all vehicles under your organisation in detail for Today

Last Known Locations to view Last known Locations for all the vehicles under your Organisation

Fleet for last 30 days to view report for All Vehicles for their movement for Last 30 days

Status On Map:

This is the interface where all the vehicles in the organization are placed on Gmap with their last know location and the time when the vehicle was there.
This page refreshes afer 30 sec and give the updated data of the vehicles location.

Quick Links:

Normal user can access the Data using following Links in Quick Links Section.

He can View/Modify/Add/Dellete  Data as mentioned below

By accessing below links  He can Only View the  Data of those entities:





Reports Section

Transaction history

Its section where detail transactions in a session will be displayed here. Facility for printing, exporting, searching the report list is provided through different links.

Lists all the Transactions in an Organization. You can view these transactions

on different Maps As well. Available Maps are:

1. Map Quest

2. Google Maps

3. MSN Maps

He has given some  rights  to Modify the Data (Some of the Fields ) which is available by accessing the following  links:



He can add the  Data using following links and that data  will be useful for making  Tracking easy for him.


Target Categories


List Of The Links and Data Shown:

Link Description
Carriers List of Carriers can be seen.
Targets List of Targets for the Carriers  can be seen here.
Sessions List of Sessions can be seen
Transaction History List of Transactions can be seen
Active Users The list page for users online   using this Site will be displayed.
User Activities this site will be displayed. The list of all the Usage Logs for the Account Users for using
Active Sessions List of Active Sessions can be seen.
Speeding Speeding violation report can be seen.

Settings:User can update his settings for following 3 section:

1.My account(Link of My Account)

1.1 My Vehicles

He can update the Carriers info in his organization

1.2 Map Preferences

He can change the Details which are shown on Google Map by clicking on Balloon.

GEONamesService: He can Activate/Decativate GeoNamesService which is used to ahow the Location Name on LastStatus label on Dashboard:

e.g. LAST STATUS : As per last valid data with GPS availability Moving at 2008-07-31 10:17:05 near Pune Muncipal Cprporation Pune.

1.3 Account  details

He can change his account details like UserName ,Emial ,Password etc.

2. Email Service(Link of Email Service)

2.1 Enable/Disable Servcie:

EmailService is used for Getting the Dashborad snapshot everyday at the specified time and EmailId given by you.

So you need not require to login to system and get the important info of you vehicles in terms of Dashboard snapshot Email.

You can Enable/Disable this service anytime by simply checking/unchecking the “Enabled” checkbox there.

2.2 EmailId for email Service

You can provide 2 EmailIds there for getting Dashboard snapshot daily.

2.3 Timing for The Email Service

You can specify the time for getting this Email.

3.Email Alerts(Link of Email Service)

when an Alert is generated by device like Speed, Low Battery, Geo-fencing or

SOS ( Emergency), server sends an mail to concerned email Ids which is  provided in the Setting For “Email Notification Of  Various Alerts For Vehicles” Section On Email Service Page.

3.1Enable/Disable Service:

You can Enable/Disable this service anytime by simply checking/unchecking the “Email Notification” checkbox provided there .

3.2 EmailId for Email alerts:

You can provide 1 EmailId there for getting the emails  for various alerts generated for the carrier in the organization.